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Monday, December 1, 2008


So, just to let everyone know, I didn't get that job. Whatever. Sooner or later something will come along. There is another job I applied for but they are not even sure when that is going to start so who knows when they will even do the interviews. Anyways, so someone quit at my job and her last day was on Wednesday (she had given her 2 weeks notice). Which is fine. She was super lazy. I asked my boss when they were going to hire a replacement for her. She said it was up to the human resources office and she didn't even know if they were going to hire anyone to replace her. (Which I think is actually her decision.) So now I am totally annoyed. We are fine with our staffing as long as no one is sick or takes a day off. Well, tommorrow one of the women I work with has some business to take care of and she will be taking the day off. So tomorrow we will be short handed and working our butts off and I am not looking forward to that. Mainly because I am starting to get a sore throat. I do know this, I will not be sticking around if they are not going to hire another employee. Why should I get paid the same amount to do way more work??? So, tonight I am feeling blah and way too lazy to get my camera and take the promised pics. I did buy a wireless printer so I can scan some pics that I have been wanting to upload. My other printer only works with my desktop and that is not hooked up right now. Ok, later gaters. I've got to watch some Supernatural!! Spooky!!!:)

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