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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Japanese party rooms!

So we went to our end of year party on Saturday. It was tons of fun. We rented one of the Japanese party rooms, which I understand is the norm. We had an interesting array of foods. There was one dish that cracked me up, though. It was rice on the bottom, then some kind of sauce, lettuce, a big ol'meatball/hamburger patty thingy and then a fried egg on top. I took a pic but it is a bit blury. There was a lot of drinking and music. Many of the people play instruments so there was singing and playing and dancing. We had the room for just 2 hours so afterwards we went to another place. I call it the old basement because that is what it looked like even though it was on the 3rd floor. :) (Think tons of stuff everywhere.) There was already drums, guitars, a piano and microphones set up. It is a place where people who play go to hang out and play with friends while drinking. We ended up being the only people there but since there was 20 of us it was still a party. Overall a great night.

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