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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sign me up for another addiction!!

So my hubby bought me a Wii Fit a while back but due to the move and getting settled in, I hadn't even opened the box. Well, last night I finally got a hair up my butt and cracked it open. Initially it's a bit awkward, yet still fun. Then the next thing you know, you don't want to stop. It is really cool because it weighs you, tells you your BMI and what you fall into (underweight, average, overweight, obese) and you can set goals for yourself. It also tells you how your posture is by measuring how evenly you distribute your weight. There are all sorts of yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance games and as you play them, they continue to unlock new games. It is so much fun. I played for 2 hours today and my calves are sore!!! I am looking forward to playing again tomorrow. :) Yippee!!! Crackalicious!!! I highly recommend it. It was so much fun it didn't feel like I was working out.


Noel said...

Join the WiiFit addict club :)

I love mine. I think my pig is gold now. Because I use it for physical therapy for my leg, insurance reimbursed me $250 for the Wii & WiiFit with an RX from my neurologist.

Christie said...

lucky!! :)