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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Omotenashi = Hospitality

We had a great time at the Geisha Omotenashi experience. It was so much fun. And we got a lot of great pictures to share with you. We had a menu of traditional Japanese hors d'oeuvres. There was eel boiled in soy sauce which I didn't care for. Minced shark meat (great blue shark and bonito shark) which is then mixed with other ingredients and boiled. That was pretty good dipped in soy sauce. It kind of had a light marshmallow consistency. Then there were sweet little omelets. Those were okay. The "Sake" was really strong. I thought it tasted like a Japanese version of Tequila. This was definitely a once in a life time experience. Enjoy!

Our food
One of the Geisha The musicians

The Geishas dancing

The fan dance

Geisha playing a drum

Geisha playing a Shamisen

Fan Dance

Aki and I competing in a Geisha version of Rock, Paper, Scissors
instead it is Samurai, Tiger, Old lady(Samurai's mother)

Our group with 2 of the Geisha's

Donnie pouring the Geisha a cup of Sake

Donnie throwing up the a Japanese style pose with the Geisha

Me with 2 Geisha's

Aki with 2 of the Geisha's

Geisha serving Christine and I some Sake

Donnie competing in the fan game (he won)

Donnie and I with Geisha and apprentice

Train Station Fun

There was some new Anime club opening and they had the girls advertising in the train station. Aki and I asked if we could get pics with them. The next thing we knew a ton of Japanese people were surrounding us taking our pictures. The picture on Aki's camera was better. Maybe I will post it later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Only in Japan

OK, not really only in Japan but the title sounded nice. :) Yesterday morning it snowed. Yes, a spring snow. It wasn't sticking but regardless it was snowing. By about 11 the sun was shining and it warmed up A LOT!!! By the time I got off work at 2 I even had my jacket off. It has been such a mild winter I was shocked at the snow. I mean, it is technically spring now. The cherry blossoms are already starting to bloom. Hopefully it will warm up because we have our big cherry blossom festival on the 4Th. I will be uploading pictures so I am hoping there are a lot more blooms by then.
This Saturday Donnie and I are going to a Geisha house in Tokyo. It is a bit expensive but I think worth it. The Geisha's are going to perform fan dances and a tea ceremony. And then the Samurais will perform as well. I intend to take a ton of pictures so make sure you come back on Sunday to see the pictures.
Later gators!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

One step closer baby

So yesterday I had my CPR certification. I am one step closer to my Group Exercise Certification. Without the CPR they won't send me the certification. I should find out the first week of April. I can't wait to find out. I am so eager to start teaching. Woo hoo!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm a rockstar!

So I went to the dentist today after about 8 years of not going. NO CAVITIES! :) Also, they said my teeth and gums were in great shape. Only a little tarter. I did have a small amount of calcification behind my bottom front teeth which they said was normal but I had less than most people. Then they told me to start using a junior size toothbrush because my mouth was small and the larger toothbrush was making me be a little too rough. I got my cleaning and went on my way. I so rock. And I don't even floss!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Why is it some days I eat too many calories and have to really watch it at night and others I am struggling to get enough in? Today I didn't realize how low my calories were until this evening. So I had to find things to eat that fit in with not only my caloric shortcomings but also my shortcomings of protein and fat. And oddly enough, I ALWAYS manage to consume enough carbs!!! Go figure. On a brighter note, I had a great work out today and am on cloud 9! AND... I am going to my highschool reunion in May. Woo hoo! I am glad that I am going to make it and get to see everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have recently found a new FREE website that you can get good weight loss advice along with an exercise plan, diet plan and calorie tracker. I absolutely love it. I am on there a lot. It was a real eye opener to see how many calories some things have and how much easier it is to make good decisions when I have to track what I am eating. I have tried to food journal before but I just couldn't get into it. Since all the hard stuff is done, this is easier. If you are interested the website is www.sparkpeople.com just tell them I refered you and I get spark points. My screen name is christiec73. Later guys!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Masai Barefoot Technology

I'm so happy this week. Both of my new MBT tennis shoes came in. :) I love those damn things. I ordered a plain white pair like the ones I used to have and then I ordered a white and blue pair. You can get them new on ebay for a lot cheaper than from the stores. Now there aren't many people splurging on shoes so I was able to get them for a good price. Donnie calls them Moon Boot Tennis shoes because they are so bulky. I love them because they are so comfy and they make me taller. LOL. I think I am going to get one more pair in white and hot pink. I swear they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Bowling Party Pics!

As promised, here are some pictures from Jacob's party! Once again, I am so glad that these hyper kids were NOT in my house. Talk about ADHD! LOL!!! Now Vengesta is saying she wants her bday at the Bowling Alley too. And you know what....I'm all for it! :)

The Cake

Jacob was so happy with this Wii game.

He was chatting away while he opened presents.

A nice, messy gift....thanks Christine!!!

Vengesta looking crazy!

Jacob talking to his friend David.

The group bowling and acting crazy.

They were so hyper and this was BEFORE the cake

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy, happy birthday Baby!

We finally had Jacob's birthday party on Saturday and it was awesome. I had it at the bowling alley and it was the best money I ever spent on a party. It was so much more relaxing to not have to do anything other than pick the theme, send the invitations out and show up. The bowling alley provided the food, drinks, decorations, cake, goodie bags and did all the clean up. It was such a stress free experience. And let me tell you, after seeing how the kids were all spastic, I am so glad they were not in my house. It would have been like a heard of bulls in a china shop. Kids that age are so loud and clumsy. :) I think overall I spent about what I would have if I had had it at home but the difference is that it involved very little work on my part. And the kids had a great time too. I'll post pictures later.