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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Omotenashi = Hospitality

We had a great time at the Geisha Omotenashi experience. It was so much fun. And we got a lot of great pictures to share with you. We had a menu of traditional Japanese hors d'oeuvres. There was eel boiled in soy sauce which I didn't care for. Minced shark meat (great blue shark and bonito shark) which is then mixed with other ingredients and boiled. That was pretty good dipped in soy sauce. It kind of had a light marshmallow consistency. Then there were sweet little omelets. Those were okay. The "Sake" was really strong. I thought it tasted like a Japanese version of Tequila. This was definitely a once in a life time experience. Enjoy!

Our food
One of the Geisha The musicians

The Geishas dancing

The fan dance

Geisha playing a drum

Geisha playing a Shamisen

Fan Dance

Aki and I competing in a Geisha version of Rock, Paper, Scissors
instead it is Samurai, Tiger, Old lady(Samurai's mother)

Our group with 2 of the Geisha's

Donnie pouring the Geisha a cup of Sake

Donnie throwing up the a Japanese style pose with the Geisha

Me with 2 Geisha's

Aki with 2 of the Geisha's

Geisha serving Christine and I some Sake

Donnie competing in the fan game (he won)

Donnie and I with Geisha and apprentice


lisavengesta said...

ha! this looks awesome! i'm glad you got to go and take pictures :)

Noel said...

That looks awesome!

Sake is strong, I found out the hard way.

My father has a funny story about me taking sake out of the frige, thinking it was cold water and adding purple pre-sweetened koolaid to it and sharing it with my friend Alex.

We both thought that there wasn't enough koolaid in the water, so it tasted yucky so we added a LOT more koolaid to the "water".

Between us, we probably drank 3/4 of a cup, but we were druuuuunk and ended up at the hospital.

Silly first graders.

WeAreFamily said...

Very cool!

Christie said...

Noel...I did that with GRAPPA. But I came running in from outside and poured a tall glass (homegrown so it was in a glass water bottle) and downed it before I felt the burning feeling. I was 11 and I burped up the flavor for days!!