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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well the semester is over and the kids did really well again. Jacob had to do some make up work right at the end because he hadn't turned in some of his assignments so we were a bit pissed. But since he did get them in, his grades were all A's and B's again. He's lucky or he would have been grounded from all video games. This weekend Donnie had inventory so our schedules got a bit off. We spent the rest of the weekend being lazy. Not much is going on right now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random pics from our night out!

Here are some pics from the start of our adventure.
The Tokyo Tower in the distance.
(Modeled after the Eifel Tower but it is taller!)
This sign is for "NONNO"!! :)

Me and Christine...Donnie was supposed to get a pic of us
but he only got our heads...arrrgh...men!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Karaoke Room

After the club we spent an hour in a private Karaoke room. It was a lot of fun laughing at the guys singing. I couldn't participate bc when I stay up too late I lose my voice. And Christine and Frances were racked out on the couches. I apologize for getting the pics out of order but I am still figuring this blogger out. :)
Lamar looking for a song while Marcus sings.
Christine and Frances waking up.
Christine trying to wake up.
The guys getting in one last song.
Marcus waiting to sing.
Lamar, Christine and Frances
The guys singing.
Christine and Frances

Club Feria in Roppongi

We went to this new club in Roppongi called Feria. It was pretty cool and there were a ton of people there. We got to sit in reserved seating. We saw the signs so we weren't going to sit down and then the waiter gave me and Frances the once over and said we could sit there. So we did. :) Anyways, we stayed there until 4. We liked it and would go again. Christine, Lamar, Marcus and Frances said it was the nicest club that they'd been to in Roppongi. Next time we go out Aki is going to take us to some other town that is supposed to have huge clubs. Here are a few pics of the night club.
Donnie, Christine and Lamar
The Club
Another Club Shot
Me and Christine
Marcus, Frances, Christine, Lamar
Marcus taking a shot
Lamar and Christine
Aki and Christine
Donnie, Christine and Lamar
Me and Donnie
Christine and Donnie
Lamar, Christine and Aki
Christine grabbing me!!!
Marcus, Frances, Christine, Lamar
Christine putting her booty in Lamar's face!Christine and I
Christine and her new Japanese friend
Christine and Frances
Aki, Me and Donnie
Christine, Aki and me
Christine and Aki
Aki and his American b!tches!
Christine, Aki and me Donnie and Aki
Aki, Me, Christine and Lamar by the ticket machines

Welcome Home Cafe

We went to the "Welcome Home Cafe" which is a form of Harajuku. We barely made it in time for one drink and pictures with the girls. They don't allow you to take pictures but will take them for you and you pay $5. It was worth it. We want to go to one of the comic ones next. We were given membership cards as well. The girls wrote our names in Japanese and on the back of my membership card she wrote my name and "a lovely, young lady". Hahaha. You know I was older than her. lol. It was really fun and we laughed the whole time we were in there. Aki and I were fighting over the same waitress since you pick the one you want.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So this morning I was packing up my daughters book bag and I looked to see if Donnie had signed her reading log. He hadn't and had forgotten to yesterday as well. I usually do it but was helping Jacob with math yesterday. Well my daughter saw I hadn't done it and she wrote the book title in and PRINTED MY NAME WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO SIGN!!!!!!! I was shocked. She wasn't doing it to get away with something, she was just helping out...I guess. I had to tell her not to put my name and if that happens again to just tell the teacher that mommy forgot. It cracks me up that she did that. Too smart for her own good. The teacher circled it and put a question mark. It's obvious that Vengesta wrote it and not me!!!! And if it isn't obvious to the teacher, we have a problem now don't we??? Oh well. My baby is growing up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

<3 <3 This picture is for Brandon!!! <3 <3

Because my nephew Brandon has loved cranes since he was a little baby I had to take this picture of the cranes for him. I love you Brandon!!!

Mushi, mushi....here's my sushi!!!!

As you know, I recently tried sushi. And ever since then, I have wanted to go back. Thing is, my family will not eat it so I have to go with my friend Christine. So all week I have been telling her I wanted to go. I finally got my wish on Saturday night. Here is a picture of my scrumptious food! :)

See, I do have friends...okay one!!!

Me and Christine at the park. We had to ask some Japanese lady to take our picture. She is the one who takes me to all the cool places!
Notice our cool shades?!

Awesome day at a local park!

Today we took the kids to a local park that had all sorts of cool rope climbing things. We went with our friends and their kids. There was also a little tiny zoo there. I only got a few pictures of that because my battery died on my camera. This park was huge and there were a ton of people there playing, climbing, picnicing and flying their kites. We had a blast and can't wait to go again.

This little guy wanted out!!!
The lemurs must've been cold because they were huddled together!

Cute little kangaroo!

Vengesta on this bouncy thing!

Jacob in the tube!

Vengesta on her trapeeze! :)

Vengesta and her friend Alyssa!


Vengesta and a little Japanese girl!

Notice Donnie and Lamar on top???