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Friday, January 2, 2009

Ode to the Japanese Toilet!

The Japanese are a funny people. I've seen so many things since I have been in Japan that are different than the US and Europe. They are so quiet and polite. They dress like cartoon characters. Lots of things that we would never dream of wearing together. They love to say yes or "hai" and love to bow to you as a sign of politeness and respect. But the thing that always makes me smile is their fancy toilets. Not all places have them but a lot do. They are like super toilets. They are warmed for you in the winter and not in that icky someone was sitting on it before you way. They can squirt warm water at your tush if you pooped. If you are pooping and you need to have some indiscretion, they will play music or make flushing sounds. :) They make using the toilet like an uplifting experience. I did see the "super toilets" polar opposite. It was similar to a bomb site (hole in the ground toilets that you see in Europe) but it was higher up and kind of looked like a toilet with no lid. It was a bit intimidating to use. I was afraid I would touch the porcelain bc the bathroom was tiny and you felt like you were in a closet. So I had to hold the door handle to make sure I didn't fall back. I so prefer the fancy toilets. I think that Japanese have it right with those. I would love that in my own home!!! :D

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