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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, new experiences!!!

So the last 2 days have been wonderful. My friend Christine has been taking me to a bunch of cool places downtown and I am so freaking thankful for that. I am in love with some of the cool places we went to. We hit a "recycle" shop. Basically a thrift store but there are a lot of new things there that are odds and ends from stores that still have the tags on them. I found some great stuff there. Then we went to a restaurant that brings your food out on a hot sizzling plate and you basically have to cook the little pieces of meat by moving it around on your plate with the chopsticks. Very good. And this awesome coffee shop that had the best homemade desserts. So light and fluffy. :p Today we went to a mall and the 100 yen store. Basically a $1 store but with better stuff. For lunch I did something I NEVER thought I would. I tried sushi. And I went with the safer choices but I LOVED it and would definitely do it again. It was so cool because it had the carousel thing that went around with the dishes. I ate salmon and tuna and shrimp. I couldn't bring myself to try any of the other raw fish. And I am pretty sure that the salmon was in some kind of vinegar or something so not really raw. The shrimp was kind of like in shrimp cocktail but it was absolutely delicious. Next time I go I am going to have to remember to bring my camera. I have no idea how to download from my cell phone camera.

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Greg said...

A couple of things.... first - good job on trying sushi. I began eating it myself last year and you should take full advantage of getting the good stuff while you're in Japan.

Second, I'm not sure how to download your pics from your phone either; however, I believe you should be able to email them from your phone to your computer. Just a thought.