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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Club Feria in Roppongi

We went to this new club in Roppongi called Feria. It was pretty cool and there were a ton of people there. We got to sit in reserved seating. We saw the signs so we weren't going to sit down and then the waiter gave me and Frances the once over and said we could sit there. So we did. :) Anyways, we stayed there until 4. We liked it and would go again. Christine, Lamar, Marcus and Frances said it was the nicest club that they'd been to in Roppongi. Next time we go out Aki is going to take us to some other town that is supposed to have huge clubs. Here are a few pics of the night club.
Donnie, Christine and Lamar
The Club
Another Club Shot
Me and Christine
Marcus, Frances, Christine, Lamar
Marcus taking a shot
Lamar and Christine
Aki and Christine
Donnie, Christine and Lamar
Me and Donnie
Christine and Donnie
Lamar, Christine and Aki
Christine grabbing me!!!
Marcus, Frances, Christine, Lamar
Christine putting her booty in Lamar's face!Christine and I
Christine and her new Japanese friend
Christine and Frances
Aki, Me and Donnie
Christine, Aki and me
Christine and Aki
Aki and his American b!tches!
Christine, Aki and me Donnie and Aki
Aki, Me, Christine and Lamar by the ticket machines

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