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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So this morning I was packing up my daughters book bag and I looked to see if Donnie had signed her reading log. He hadn't and had forgotten to yesterday as well. I usually do it but was helping Jacob with math yesterday. Well my daughter saw I hadn't done it and she wrote the book title in and PRINTED MY NAME WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO SIGN!!!!!!! I was shocked. She wasn't doing it to get away with something, she was just helping out...I guess. I had to tell her not to put my name and if that happens again to just tell the teacher that mommy forgot. It cracks me up that she did that. Too smart for her own good. The teacher circled it and put a question mark. It's obvious that Vengesta wrote it and not me!!!! And if it isn't obvious to the teacher, we have a problem now don't we??? Oh well. My baby is growing up.


lisavengesta said...

sure she wasn't trying to get away with anything... that's a sneaky girl ;)

Tracey said...

How funny! Kids do the craziest stuff.

Carla said...

OK OK, now tell the truth she is just followin in her mother's footsteps, how many did u sign in your school days? And 4 your sister also... Love U.