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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why Crack is Bad! =D

So as you know I am still at my present job which is at the high school cafeteria. The job itself is ok. You stay busy and I like my co-workers. The main reason I wanted to change is that it is intermittent. I work weekdays from 9-2, but I also have school closure days off. The main thing is that I don't earn any vacation or sick leave. So, really it is not the type of job that you feel any type of dedication to. So, as I mentioned earlier that one person quit last week so we are down a person. And yesterday someone needed a day off to go to some appointments so we were down 2 people. So, it was super busy but we managed. When it was time to clean up, my manager stayed in the office the whole time doing the paperwork. I know for a fact (bc I did all the manager duties while she was off last week) that it doesn't take the whole time to do it. So the 3 of us left worked our butts off to get everything done by 2. Well at 2 she comes out of her office and starts chopping veggies and prepping the stuff for the next day and the other 2 girls start helping her. I put my stuff away and said bye and left. I could see by the look on her face that she felt that I should have stayed but they DO NOT pay us for any time past 2. Crack really is bad people. My boss is paid until 5 because she is full time so naturally she could have prepped the stuff on her own. I REFUSE to stay and not get paid. And one of the other girls told me that she was chopping the veggies all hard and stuff. C'est la vie!

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