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Friday, December 5, 2008

With a day left to spare!

So my daughter FINALLY lost her first tooth. She lost her tooth yesterday on the 4th, just one day before her 7th birthday. Yes, 7!!! I know that is really old to be losing her first tooth. And now the tooth next to it is loose as well. She already has 2 of her lower teeth that have broken through and are growing in. I was starting to wonder if we were going to have to take her to the dentist to have them removed. I took a couple of pics but now I can't find my chord to my camera. (The other pics I actually had Donnie scan in for me.)
Today I was so sick I actually had to stay home from work. It was a crappy day, too, so I was really happy. There was a really big wind storm followed by some rain. It was so strong that it was blowing everything over. It even knocked over my big christmas tree outside which is protected by a wall by our front door. It was crazy. Especially because the rain came much later. So for a good hour it was just wind. Crazy, strong, loud, fierce wind. At that moment, I was happy to be snuggled up in my pj's.