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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Loss of Life

What a sad day. I just found out that a friend committed suicide. He had gotten into a situation that he felt he couldn't get out of. How horrible to feel that helpless that you take your own life. To feel you have nowhere to turn and noone to turn to. Is there anything that is ever really that bad that the only solution is to take your own life? Now we have lost all the great things he could have accomplished. And his family has lost a precious member. We have lost a friend. And the world of bodybuilding lost a champion. All because of some mistakes he made in his life. We have all made mistakes. All done things that we wish we could take back. Things that we regret. What makes some of us spiral downward to the path of suicide while some of us find that glimpse of hope that helps us pick ourselves up? Is there a fine line that we walk with any small thing that can make us fall to either side? On one side we perservere, we triumph, we choose life. On the other we can't take it anymore and we choose death. Do any of us ever really know how we would handle every possible situation that may come up? Do we ever really know what we would and wouldn't do? I hope we all choose life. We all realize that with choosing death we don't just kill ourselves but we kill our hopes, our dreams and our potential. We leave the ones we love with grief, sorrow, questions and loss. I hope we all remember to take that extra time to tell the ones we care about that we love them. Take that time to ask how they are doing and if there is anything we can do for them. I know that there are no guarantees but at least we know we did all we could do but they chose death anyways. To all of my family and friends....I love you and could not bear to lose you.

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