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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dreary Monday

What a dreary day it was today. It started out cold but before long it was raining. It is amazing to think that yesterday we were enjoying the warm sun. As soon as I got off of work I raced home to jump into some nice, warm flannel pajamas. I know that the winter weather is inevitable but for some reason I am just not mentally prepared for it this year. Maybe I just need to go to the tanning bed and fake some warmth. :) And why is it that when you get all uglied up in your pj's and cozied up on the couch your husband will come in and want to go somewhere?? Granted I did tell him that we would go back to Atsugi today because the Christmas lights are WAY cheaper than they are at our PX, but seriuosly, it is so crapola out today. Blah. So, back upstairs to change and out in the rain to get to the car. We got the lights. 300 isicle lights for $7.99 when they wanted $19.99 here. Why is it that the NEX can sell some items for way cheaper than we do? Now I am back home and have dinner in the oven. I'm back in my snuggly pj's and cozied back up on the couch watching Dr Phil. Hopefully no more outings for tonight.

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