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Monday, November 24, 2008

Ever have things that bug you to such an extreme that you continue to dwell on them in your head and they literally make you feel sick to your stomach. This can happen with any emotion that is attached to what is bugging you, good or bad. The thing is that no matter how you replay in your mind you can't stop feeling mad/sad/happy/disgusted/annoyed/worried etc. You can say you are done dwelling on it but you just can't put it out of your mind. I'm not saying that this happens with everything that happens in my life but there are times that I have such an emotional reaction to something that I just can't let it go. Anyone have any tricks to purge your brain so that you can get some rest instead of tossing and turning?? Trust me, I've tried meditating and after just a few moments my mind starts to wander. It's like there's a hamster on a wheel in there. UGH!!! I am so utterly frustrated tonight and it's driving me nuts!! So, although this didn't purge my brain, it did help a little bit. Good night!

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