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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freaky Flight

So my flight was uneventful until I arrived in the Tokyo airport. When we arrived they told us to remain seated and pull all the shades down. Then after a few minutes a team of doctors came in dressed in hazmat suits. It looked like something from the movies. There was one who had an infrared camera to see if anyone was running a fever. They checked anyone who was questionable. We all had to fill out questionnaires about our travels and if we had any symptoms of Swine Flu. The guy behind me pulled out his video camera and started filming. I wanted to take a picture but I chickened out. I was afraid to get into trouble. Finally we got the all clear and were able to leave the plane. When we started coming out the corridor there were film crews and news photographers filming us like we were some kind of side show freaks. It was such a surreal experience. Come to find out, the flight the day before had actually gotten quarantined. What a crazy experience.

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