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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I think therefore I am

Talked to the gym director today. I have to do a contract with the contracting office. I had a lot of decisions to make. Did I want to be paid by the class or by the number of participants?! I have complete confidence in my ability to teach a high energy, enjoyable step class. I know I can get a regular following once I start. And I know to change it up to keep it from getting boring. So since you make more if you end up with big classes, I opted for the option to be paid by the number of participants. I may not make as much at first but I am sure that once word get out, I will make more in the long run. So, I am a little nervous right now. I also need to go and get insurance. Which I think is kind of silly being as I am on a military base. I mean, military bases have a "no/can't sue" mentality so...but I will do it. This process has been wild but I am following my dream. I have wanted to do this for a while and this time I took the plunge and it paid off. Yay me!!

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lisavengesta said...

i'm proud of you!! i think you made the better option too; people love aerobics and once the word gets out about how insane you are ;) i know you'll do great!! love ya!!